Roger W. Smith

The First Tourbillon Wristwatch Ever Made by Roger W. Smith Comes to Market

Featuring a flying tourbillon and big date, the Tourbillon Commission No. 1 is one of the handful of complicated watches made by Roger Smith.

Roger W. Smith Introduces New Quartet of Wristwatches, Including Retrograde Date and Triple Calendar

Roger W. Smith has facelifted and expanded his collection of hand-made wristwatches, presenting the new Series 1, 2, 3 and 4, which include complications like a retrograde date and triple calendar.

Presenting the Roger Smith GREAT Britain, a one-of-a-kind wristwatch 10 months in the making

Roger Smith has created a one-off wristwatch based on his Series 2, for GREAT Britain, a global campaign to promote the British Isles. Made of platinum with a Union Jack guilloche dial and a hand-engraved movement, the GREAT Britain watch is one of Roger Smith's most elaborate creations.

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