HYT Introduces “Bespoke” Programme For Custom-Made Wristwatches

Create the hydro-mechanical wristwatch of your dreams with a custom HYT.

Up Close With The HYT H3, Equipped With A Jumping Hour And Linear Fluid Display (With Original Photos & Price)

HYT continues its unique brand of watchmaking with the H3, developed together with Renaud & Papi and equipped with a linear fluid display, jump hour and retrograde seconds.

Introducing The HYT Skull – Punk Rock Meets Hydro-Mechanical Time (With Specs And Price)

HYT has appropriated a recently fashionable motif in watchmaking and combined it with the underpinnings of its H1 wristwatch to create the Skull, which displays the time on a skull-shaped glass tube.

Explaining The HYT H1, The World’s First Hydro-Mechanical Watch (With Live Photos And Price)

Last year HYT made its official debut with the H1. Equipped with a fluorescent green liquid hour indicator, the H1 was the world's first hydro-mechanical wristwatch. Thanks to its unusual brand of watchmaking, HYT is one of the most high profile emerging watch brands.

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