MB&F Introduces the Nixie Machine II By Artisanal Lampmaker

The watchmaker's boutique celebrates its fifth anniversary with a limited edition Nixie tube clock.

Court Rules to Keep New York Clock Tower Mechanical

A New York court has ruled to the timekeeper in Lower Manhattan's Clock Tower Building should stay mechanical, ending the developer's plan to electrify the clock's winding mechanism.

MB&F Introduces Giant Spider Table Clock That Even Goes Up the Wall (with Prices)

Shaped like a giant spider, the Arachnophobia is the latest clock to emerge from MB&F's collaboration with L'Epee 1839. Able to stand on spindly legs or perched on a wall, the Arachnophobia is powered by an eight day power in the body of the arachnid.

Up Close with the Unique Patek Philippe Enamel Dome Clocks for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

Patek Philippe has created three Dome Clocks to mark Singapore's 50th anniversary, decorated in enamel with motifs inspired by the city state. The trio of clocks is set to go under the hammer, with all proceeds from the sale going to charity.

MB&F Presents The Nixie Machine By Frank Buchwald, A Hand-Made Nixie Tube Clock

Frank Buchwald, the German lamp maker championed by MB&F's M.A.D. Gallery, recently completed the Nixie Machine, an imposing desk clock equipped with a Nixie tube display.

The MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock Has Landed – An Extraterrestrial Timekeeper At An Earthly Price (With Specs And Price)

Created by clockmaker L'Epee 1839, the MB&F Starfleet Machine is landing in stores right now. Inspired by Deep Space Nine and featuring a 40-day power reserve, the Starfleet Machine is a limited edition of 175 pieces, for a reasonably accessible price.

Richard Mille Unveils the Two Tonne Quebec Clock

Completed after six years, the two tonne Richard Mille Quebec clock was presented for the first time in the Swiss town of Porrentruy, before it heads to its permanent home in Quebec.

Up close: Cartier Clock Prisme – prism clock with 8 day power reserve

A clock dial on the front, in the traditional Cartier aesthetic, but there's actually nothing there. From the back the clock is completely transparent, thanks to a nifty optical illusion. 

In stores: Tissot T Clock – 8 day T-shaped clock (with pricing)

Launched at Baselworld last year, the Tissot T Clock is a mechanical clock shaped like a T. This was one of the most interesting products from Tissot but not widely covered.

Introducing the Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos Hermès clock

Miki Eleta is one of the few members of the AHCI who is a clock-, rather than watch-maker. He specialises in highly complex clocks though up till 2001, Eleta only created kinetic sculptures, until challenged by a client to create a clock. 

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