How Japan’s Thomas Edison Built the Nation’s Most Complicated Clock

Japan's greatest inventor whose life span a formative period in the nation's history, Tanaka Hisashige built the Myriad Year Clock, a 1000-part masterpiece that's today a national treasure.

Why Are Vintage Cloisonné Enamel Dial Watches Collectible?

With the ever-increasing interest by watch aficionados in fine cloisonné enamel wristwatches, historian Ivan Ponzo offers a brief yet insightful analysis of their history and appeal.

Bringing Talent to Light – Unmasking the Master Enamellers of Geneva

Horological scholar Ivan Ponzo reveals the names of the artisans behind some of watchmaking's finest miniature enamels.

Five Watches That Explain the History of the Audemars Piguet Perpetual Calendar

Audemars Piguet arguably has the most illustrious history with the perpetual calendar. We trace the development of the complication over the decades with five timepieces from the Audemars Piguet museum.

Up Close with an Epic Patek Philippe Grande Sonnerie Pocket Watch

Able to chime the hours and quarters as they pass, this Patek Philippe grande et petite sonnerie pocket watch is one of perhaps ten ever made. Not only is it an extraordinarily complicated timepiece, it is also a sterling example of exquisitely finished, classical haute horlogerie.

Panerai History Explained in Ten Vintage Wristwatches and Instruments

Rare vintage Panerai wristwatches and instruments that chart the evolution of the the brand from Radiomir to Luminor are on display at History and Legend in Singapore. We explain Panerai's storied maritime past with these exhibits.

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