Glashütte Original Introduces the Seventies Chronograph Limited Edition

With striking fumé dials.

First introduced five years ago with dials in solid, metallic colours, Glashütte Original has jazzed up the Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date with fumé dials featuring a graduated finish. Available either in green or grey fumé, the new edition is limited to 100 pieces each.

Like the Sixties range of more classically shaped watches, the Seventies is a heavily retro line inspired by the experimental decade that’s best remembered for the birth of the luxury-sports-watch (and not much else, at least for now). The Seventies watches are typical of that decade’s style, characterised by square, stainless-steel cases and integrated bracelets. The chronograph has a television-shaped case that measures a chunky 40mm wide and 14.1mm in height.

Like all of Glashütte Original’s recent, interesting dials, the fumé dials are produced by the former Th. Muller dial factory in Pforzheim that’s owned by its parent, the Swatch Group. Creating the smoked finish starts with the decorative sunray brushing applied to a German silver dial base with a rotating brass brush. The base then undergoes galvanisation before several coats of green or grey lacquer are applied.

And finally, to achieve the graduated finish that darkens towards the edges, black lacquer is carefully applied to the edges with a spray gun, creating a slightly irregular dark border, then it is dried in a kiln.

Mechanically, the watches are identical to the stock models; they are powered by the automatic chronograph cal. 37-02. It is an integrated chronograph that is column-wheel controlled with a horizontal clutch. The chronograph features a flyback function, meaning the pusher at four o’clock resets the chronograph hand back to zero in one swift motion.

The caliber also features the brand’s signature Panorama Date at six o’clock, a power reserve indicator in an aperture on the seconds register and a 12-hour counter in an aperture just above the central axis for longer time tracking. Lastly, the movement offers a 70-hour power reserve on a single barrel and is equipped with a free sprung balance wheel, along with a swan neck that corrects beat error.

Key facts and price

Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date
Grey: ref. 1-37-02-05-02-35
Green: ref. 1-37-02-04-02-35

Diameter: 40mm
Height: 14.1mm
Material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100m

Movement: Cal. 37-02
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, 12-hour flyback chronograph, power reserve indicator, big date
Frequency: 28,800bph, or 4Hz
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap: Calf leather or stainless steel bracelet

Availability: Only at Glashütte Original boutiques from mid-November onwards
Price: €12,500, or 19,800 Singapore dollars

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Introducing the G-Shock GM-5600 (Capped) in Stainless Steel

Half steel for less.

Following the bestselling G-Shock 5000-series “Full Metal”, Casio recently unveiled another variant of the iconic DW-5600, but now capped with a steel bezel cover, the GM-5600. It’s essentially a budget version of the “Full Metal”, offering a similar look for less than half the price.

Introduced in 1987, four years after the launch of the first ever G-Shock, the DW-5000, the DW-5600 retained the look and  construction of the original, but with an improved electronic module and a dial that did away with the brick pattern found on the original. Since then, the DW-5600 has has been issued in an bewildering array of colours and styles, but the latest iteration marks the first time the model gets a steel cladding on the front.

It is available in three iterations: stainless steel (GM-5600-1), black ion-plated steel with a black dial (GM-5600B-1), and black ion-plated steel with an military green, camo-pattern dial (GM-5600B-3).

As with the standard DW-5600 (and all other G-Shocks), the new watch has a double case construction made up of an inner resin case covered in a steel outer case, preserving the signature shock resistance and 200m depth rating of the G-Shock, while keeping it lighter than the “Full Metal” model. The outer steel case features a bezel with a vertically brushed finish, nearly identical visually to the found on the steel “Full Metal”.

Size-wise, the GM-5600 is a tad bigger than the standard resin DW-5600 at 49.6mm by 43.2mm on the front, but slightly thinner at just 12.9mm high versus 13.4mm.

But, the case construction is also simplified versus the “Full Metal”. The new GM-5600 has a case back secured by four screws, instead of the screw-down back of the “Full Metal”.

And the GM-5600 uses basic, battery-operated 3229 module, and lacks the solar-power function of the “Full Metal”. But the functions are largely the same, so it includes a stopwatch, countdown timer, multi-function alarm, full calendar, and backlight.

The GM-5600 is also made in Thailand, instead of Japan as is the case with the “Full Metal” and other high-end G-Shocks.

Key facts and price

Diameter: 49.6mm by 43.2mm
Height: 12.9mm
Material: Resin inner case with a stainless steel bezel cover
Water resistance: 200m

Movement: 3229 module
Functions: Multi-function electronic
Winding: Quartz

Battery life: 2 years
Strap: Resin

Availability: Already at G-Shock Casio boutiques
Price: GM-5600 – US$180, or 259 Singapore dollars; GM-5600B-1 & GM-5600B-3 – US$200, or 279 Singapore dollars

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