News: Romain Gauthier Logical One with chain and fusée

Romain Gauthier has just unveiled his second wristwatch model, the Logical One.

This has several unusual features, including a snail cam instead of a fusée, a chain with ruby links, push button winding and a barrel with sapphire inserts.

Romain Gauthier Logical One in platinum

Instead of the traditional cone-shaped fusée to deliver constant torque, the Logical One has a snail cam which allows the links of the chain to be larger and stronger.

And instead of a traditional chain, this chain uses ruby inserts for minimum friction and finer tolerances.

The snail cam is visible to the left of the time display

Winding is accomplished by pressing a button in the case at nine o’clock, which transmits the force to the barrel on the same plane

Inside the barrel, a pair of sapphire plates sandwich the mainspring, which minimises wear inside the barrel over time. This is similar to what Denis Flageollet at De Bethune devised several years ago for the Super Sport watch.

The Logical One also sports a high-end movement finish, including an unusual double-angle anglage, which comprises of two parallel, polished bevels on the bridges. The case size is 43 mm and available in red gold or platinum. – SJX

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