Real World Test: Diving with the Rolex Submariner, Sinn U1, Seiko Turtle & Prospex PADI

A Master Scuba Diver puts a few of modern watchmaking's best known dive watches through their paces.

Sinn Introduces Three New U-Series Submarine Steel Dive Watches

Two black-coated, submarine steel U1s, and a civilian version of the limited edition made for Germany's special forces commandos.

Introducing the Sinn Dual Strap System That Combines A Mechanical & Apple Watch on One Wrist

Created for those who need both the Apple Watch and a traditional wristwatch on the same wrist.

Hands-On with the Sinn 910 Anniversary, a Split-Seconds Chronograph for Under US$6000

Sinn celebrates its 55th year in business with the most complicated watch in its line-up, a split-seconds chronograph, albeit sensibly affordable one.

Sinn UX S Diver is Now Official Wristwatch of German Navy Commando Frogmen

Sinn emerged the winner in a tender for a new wristwatch for the the German Navy's elite commando frogmen, who will now wear the UX S Kampfschwimmer.

Introducing the Sinn U1 Camouflage (Incl. Hands-On Pics and Price)

Sinn gives its popular submarine steel a funky camouflage livery with a 500-piece limited edition. Details, including original photos and pricing, below.

Introducing the Sinn U212 EZM16 Submarine Steel Dive Watch

The Sinn U212 (EZM16) is the brand's third oversized diver's watch made of submarine steel, and also the first one that's part of the regular collection.

Sinn Introduces the 1800 S Wristwatch in Hardened, Damascus Steel (with Price)

With a case made of surface hardened and black coated Damascus steel, the Sinn 1800 S Damaszener is even more intriguing because the case and dial are a single piece of steel.

Sinn Teams Up With Specialists to Create “Made in Germany” Wristwatch

Sinn has just announced the Meisterbund I, a wristwatch with all its critical components made in Germany, a result of the brand's collaboration with fellow German suppliers SUG and UWD.

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