Introducing the Sinn Dual Strap System That Combines A Mechanical & Apple Watch on One Wrist

Created for those who need both the Apple Watch and a traditional wristwatch on the same wrist.

Traditional watchmakers have responded differently to the rise of the smartwatch. TAG Heuer has made its own smart watch, the TAG Heuer Connected, while Montblanc and IWC have taken the route of a smart strap attachment to a traditional watch. The Sinn Duales Bandsystem takes the brute force approach, combining a wristwatch with an Apple Watch on the same wrist.

Sinn Dual Strap System 1

The Dual Strap System is essentially a set of leather straps that allows both a traditional watch and Apple Watch to be worn simultaneously, one on each side of the wrist.

Sinn Dual Strap System 5

Secured with pin buckles on each side, the Dual Strap System is versatile, but creates an extremely bulky object on the wrist, especially given the large size of most Sinn watches. A strap extender is also included so that either the traditional watch or Apple Watch can be worn on its own.

Sinn Dual Strap System 3

Sinn Dual Strap System 4

Suitable for any watch with ordinary 22mm lugs, the Dual Strap system fits both the 38mm and 40mm Apple Watch. Available starting August 2016, the Dual Strap System costs €175, but if purchased with a Sinn wristwatch it is €100. It’s available at Sinn retailers.

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Hands-On with the Jubileon Superellipse, a Crowdfunded Wristwatch That’s All About the Watch Case

The Kickstarter-funded Superellipse boasts a high quality stainless steel watch case and ETA movement for under US$500.

Watches launched on Kickstarter typically combine simple, inexpensive cases with novel time display mechanisms, the bestselling Klokers KLOK-01 being a case in point. The Jubileon Superellipse is latest watch to hit the crowdfunding site, but it takes a different tack, concentrating instead on a high quality watch case in stainless steel for under US$500.

Though put together by Swiss suppliers, hence the “Swiss Made” label on the dial, the Superellipse the brainchild of Singaporean engineer Chun Wai Kum. He has a day job as a researcher at A*STAR, the Singapore government agency that promotes investment in technology and research, specialising in precision manufacturing for the aerospace industry, explaining the attention to detail in the case construction and manufacturing.

Kum named his brand after Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015, when the city state celebrated its 50th year since independence. The “Superellipse” moniker, on the other hand, reflects his engineering background: it’s named after the superellipse, a curve in mathematics that forms a cushion shape, a form that is repeated throughout the watch.

The initial goal when Kum first conceived the watch was to have it manufactured in Singapore, or at least the case and dial. However, the lack of specialist suppliers meant he had to turn to the traditional sources in Switzerland for the whole project.

While the Superellipse is put together in Switzerland, and the ETA movement inside is Swiss, some of the components are made outside Switzerland by Swiss contractors, explaining the low cost. It’s a model that is inescapable for affordable Swiss watches, but one that produces solidly made watches at an affordable price, as demonstrated by the Superellipse.

Jubileon Superellipse 5

An original case design 

While many low-priced watches use stock designs offered by case manufacturers (explaining the proliferation of Panerai-esque watches), the Superellipse case is designed from the ground up. Though the case is cushion-shaped, giving it a form seen on other watches, it’s different enough not to appear derivative. The Superellipse has prominent lugs that give it a more substantial form. Its most distinctive feature is the bezel, which is secured by four large screws with custom-shaped heads. Even the crown is unconventional, being cushion-shaped in profile. While it is an unusual detail, the shape and size of the crown renders it difficult to grip.

Jubileon Superellipse 12

The case finishing is excellent, especially given the price point of the watch, with brushed top surfaces and polished bevels. Comparable to cases used on significantly more expensive watches, the Superellipse case looks and feels high quality.

Jubileon Superellipse 11

Jubileon Superellipse 3

Jubileon Superellipse 2

Jubileon Superellipse 10

The Superellipse has sapphire crystals front and back, which reveals the plain ETA 2824 automatic inside. It’s basic, but robust and par for the course in this price segment. That being said, it’s worth pointing out the cushion-shaped case back is as well finished as the bezel.

Jubileon Superellipse 6

The ETA logo visible at the rim of the balance wheel

At 39mm in diameter and 9.4mm high the Superellipse is compact, and slides easily under a cuff. The shape is novel even from a distance, though the appeal of the case is mitigated by the plain dial.

On the wrist of Jubileon founder Chun Wai Kum

Jubileon Superellipse 14

Everything else

The dial is simple, perhaps too simple for the style of the watch case; the Arial font used for the dial lettering adds to the plainness.

While the dial does have details that are interesting up close, including the central axis of the hands that echo the cushion case shape as well as the facetted baton hour markers, the look is ordinary. That, however, does not detract from the admirable quality of the case.

Jubileon Superellipse 9

Jubileon Superellipse 8


Pricing and availability 

The Jubileon Superellipse starts at US$452 for early backers on Kickstarter, which it will be available until August 29, 2016.

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