RGM Watch Co.

Introducing the Asymmetric RGM 222-RR Railroad Watch

A "Grand Feu" enamel dial and a driver's style layout.

Introducing the RGM 151 Corps of Engineers, 38.5mm with a Fired Enamel Dial

Modelled on the look of First World War pocket watches, the RGM 151 Corps of Engineers features a vitreous enamel dial and oddly, an Omega automatic movement. You'll find specs and pricing below.

Introducing The RGM 801 Corps of Engineers, With A Fired Enamel Dial (With Specs & Price)

American watchmaker RGM has just unveiled the 801 Corps of Engineers featuring a fired enamel dial and a design modelled on railroad pocket watches, as well as an American made movement that may be inspired by the Swiss.

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