La Fabrique du Temps

Up Close: Daniel Roth Tourbillon Souscription

Refined execution and thoughtful (re)design.

Visiting La Fabrique Du Temps Louis Vuitton In Geneva

Over a decade Louis Vuitton has been growing its watchmaking facilities, culminating in the opening of La Fabrique Du Temps Louis Vuitton in Geneva. Dedicated to movements and dial production, the manufacture is revealed here for the very first time in an exclusive tour.

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime, With the World in Hand-Painted Colour (with live photos and price)

As Louis Vuitton shifts its watchmaking efforts into high gear with its new factory, it promises a slew of new and unusual complications, the first of which is the Escale Worldtime, a clever and colourful implementation of the traditional travel watch.

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