De Bethune

Up Close with the De Bethune Maestri Art I and II

Gorgeous, artisanal craft inspired by Asia.

De Bethune Introduces the Maestri’Art Collection

East Asian craftsmanship meets cutting edge watchmaking.

Interview: Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune

How to lead a small brand with big ambitions.

Introducing the De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels Open-Worked

A skeletonised front on De Bethune's signature timepiece.

Introducing the De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite

A one of a kind wristwatch with a gold-studded meteorite dial and blued titanium case.

Introducing the De Bethune DB25L Milky Way, the Galaxy on Your Wrist

De Bethune recreates the cosmos in miniature with blued titanium and gold.

Hands-On with the De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Meteorite

Made of a 4000-year old meteorite, the De Bethune Dream Watch 5 is no holds barred watchmaking that simultaneously remarkable and mystifying.

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