Book review

Book Review: The Obscure Illustrated Glossary of Watchmaking

A useful guide to the familiar and unfamiliar.

Book Review: ‘The Polerouter’, a Universal Genève Odyssey

Exploring elegance and Gérald Genta's brilliance in a captivating book.

Book Review: “MICRO – Portfolio of Images Taken from Royal Vacheron Constantin”

A lavish volume picturing 50 Vacheron Constantin wristwatches in grand detail.

Book Review: “The Magic of Watches”, a Comprehensive Guide For Nascent Watch Collectors

A handy but in-depth guide to the mechanical wristwatch that covers everything from crystal types to making the first purchase.

F.P. Journe Publishes Book Dedicated To The Grande Sonnerie Wristwatch

F.P. Journe has just published a book dedicated to the grande sonnerie, both the complication in general and its own Sonnerie Souverain wristwatch. The luxury version of the tome will even include an audio player that plays the Sonnerie Souveraine chimes.

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