SevenFriday Introduces the Peculiar and Alien Free-D

For the 10th anniversary of the brand.

SevenFriday Introduces the S1/01, Clad in Clear, Recyclable Nylon

Sustainability and skeletonisation on SevenFriday's latest collection.

Introducing the SevenFriday Q-Series, Its First Automatic with a Date Function

SevenFriday's affordable and fun mechanical watches get a bit more practical with the Q-Series that has a date and embedded NFC chip.

SevenFriday Introduces the P2B/03 “Woody” Clad in Laminated Hardwood

SevenFriday dresses up its signature P-series wristwatch with laminated hardwood in the 450-piece limited edition P2B/03 "Woody". You'll find details and pricing below.

Review: 36 Hours with the SevenFriday V-Series V1/01 and V2/01 (In-Depth Review + Pics)

Featuring a completely new case shape and an unusual method of displaying the time., the SevenFriday V-Series is the latest from the quirky-but-cool maker of affordable timepieces.

Introducing the SevenFriday M-Series – Same Square Case, Now With a Wandering Hours Display (with specs and price)

SevenFriday, the young and affordable brand from Zurich, has just unveiled its second line of timepieces, which will hit stores later this month. The M-Series retains the brand's signature case shape, but with a wandering hours time display.

Introducing the SevenFriday P3/2 Riviera – with case ring in Canadian walnut (with specs and price)

SevenFriday recently announced the P3/2 Riviera. The signature cushion case is ringed in Canadian walnut, a nod to the wood decking of classic boats.

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