SevenFriday Introduces the S1/01, Clad in Clear, Recyclable Nylon

Sustainability and skeletonisation on SevenFriday's latest collection.

Returning to the original P-series watch case that’s still synonymous with the brand – technically known as a squircle – the SevenFriday S1/01 reveals more of the movement inside with an open-worked dial and seconds wheel.

The keyless works for winding and setting are visible, as is the balance wheel. But beyond the aesthetic tweaks the S1/01 was also conceived with better legibility in mind, becoming the first SevenFriday wristwatch with luminous hour markers and hands. And the hands are also wider than those on earlier models.

SevenFriday S1-01 watch 4

The “animation ring” that circles the sides of the case, which is usually steel but has even been made of laminated wood, is made of clear, hard nylon. Through the translucent plastic the four vertical screws that hold the steel case together are visible. The universal recycling symbol is moulded into the nylon ring at nine o’clock.

SevenFriday S1-01 watch 2

As is standard for SevenFriday watches, the S1/01 has a near-field communication (NFC) chip embedded into the case back. It can be read via a smartphone that has the SevenFriday app, allowing the owner of the watch to authenticate the watch and register ownership.

The case measures 47mm in diameter and 47.6mm long, exactly the same dimensions as the P-series.

SevenFriday S1-01 watch 1

Price and availability 

The S1/01 is priced at US$1450 or S$1850, and is already available at SevenFriday retailers.


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