Introducing the Devon Tread 1G, in yellow gold and black DLC (with specs and price)

Devon Works has just unveiled the luxe version of the its belt display wristwatch, the Tread 1G. With a case in black DLC coated steel and yellow gold, the Tread 1G is made to order.

Devon Works made a splash with its original Tread 1, an electronic wristwatch with a mechanical belt time display. Since it has unveiled more elaborate versions of the Tread 1, including the rivet-covered Steampunk and the Exoskeleton in clear polycarbonate. But the new yellow gold Tread 1G is the most extravagant version to date. The Tread 1G has several external components, namely the lugs, crown and buckle, in 18k yellow gold, while the rest of the case is in black DLC coated steel. And the motor covers and shaft mounts for the movement are also solid yellow gold, while the bridge for the time display is gold plated.

The gold-plated time display bridge, with the solid gold motor covers at bottom right

Having the same dimensions as the base model Tread 1, the Tread 1G measures an imposing 53.3 mm by 47 mm, and standing 19 mm. It charges wirelessly and has a two week running time on a full charge. The Tread 1G retails for US$35,000 and is made to order. That is a steep increase from the US$15,000 for the original steel Tread 1. – SJX

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Introducing the Chopard L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Horse Special Edition (with specs and price)

Chopard has created a special edition L.U.C. XP timepiece for the Chinese Year of the Horse in 2014, with a dial decorated in Japanese lacquer, or maki-e.

The Chopard L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Horse is an ultra-thin timepiece with a lavishly decorated dial. Though Chopard calls this urushi, it is actually maki-e (Japanese for “sprinkled picture”), a highly developed technique of decorative lacquer. The horse motif is created via sprinkled gold powder, gold foil and mother-of-pearl, all applied laboriously by hand, hence the name maki-e. Urushi, on the other hand, refers the lacquer obtained from a particular lacquer tree found in Asia, and urushi-e is the term for a picture painted with coloured lacquer.

Measuring 39.5 mm wide and 6.98 mm high, the L.U.C. XP is intended as a formal watch. Inside is the L.U.C Calibre 96.17-L, an ultra-thin movement with a micro-rotor.  The Chopard L.U.C. XP Urushi Year of the Horse is presented in a box decorated with urushi. The price has yet to be announced but the other LUC XP Urushi models retail for just under US$25,000 so expect this to be similar. – SJX

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