Introducing the Döttling Fortress watch safe – contents insurable up to $1 million

Döttling, the maker of lavish and sometimes over the top watch boxes and winders, has just announced The Fortress, a half tonne safe. According to Döttling, it is certified for up to US$1 million in insurance coverage if an optional burglar alarm is installed.

For the wealthy and paranoid watch collector

Inside the lower half of the Fortress sits eight watch winders, each individually programmable for direction, speed and duration.  Along with the winders is an electronic humidor, for exceptionally valuable cigars. A Wempe hygrometer and barometer provide information on the conditions inside the humidor.

Above that is a Colosimo safe with an additional two winders for six watches. And on the front is a Wempe Zeitmeister clock.

The outside of the Fortress is covered in quilted calfskin, but it is also customisable.

The safe is available in VdS/EN security classes 3 to 5, with the weight starting at 495 kg, or about half a tonne. The Fortress is limited to ten safes per security class. And the price starts at US$128,800. For those on a smaller budget, the Guardian bulletproof watch pouch is an option.


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