News: Habring² Jumping Seconds Pilot’s watch with optional antimagnetic escapement

Austrian independent watchmaker Habring2 now has a pilot’s styled version of its signature dead seconds wristwatch available. Based on a Valjoux calibre, and available either as a manual wind or automatic, the movement is now made nearly all in-house by Habring2.

Habring2 Pilot’s Jumping Seconds

In addition the case has a brushed finish, unlike all earlier models which have a polished finish. And the case is also available in titanium. Interestingly, Habring2 will also offer the pilot’s style jumping seconds with an antimagnetic movement. Instead of the simple solution of a soft iron cage, Habring2 is working on a non-magnetic escapement that is still undergoing testing but will likely be rated to more than 80,000 A/m as is common in anti-magnetic watches. The jumping seconds starts with EUR3250 for the manual wind and EUR3550 for the automatic in a brushed steel case. And the premium for a titanium case is EUR1000. – SJX

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