Introducing the Massena Lab x Habring2 Erwin LAB O1

Deadbeat seconds, black gilt dial and bronze case.

Up Close: Habring² Chrono-Felix Monopusher Chronograph

And why the A11C movement scores top marks.

Introducing the Habring² Doppel Felix Split-Seconds Chronograph

The affordable rattrapante from Austria gets a facelift, inside and out.

Habring2 Unveils Limited Edition Chrono COS for Timezone.com’s 20th Anniversary

TimeZone marks its 20th year with a special Habring2 chronograph featuring the brand's novel crown activation mechanism, and a specially designed dial inspired by classic 20th century chronographs.

Introducing the Habring² new entry-level sports watches, the Time Pilot range (with specs and pricing)

Taking inspiration from its award-winning Pilot watch, Habring² has added three new Pilot-style watches to its line-up, with choices of automatic or hand-wind movements and two new dial options.

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