Introducing the Affordable & Colourful Farer GMT

Retro design combined with a contemporary palette.

Modelled on mid 20th century wristwatches, the Farer GMT combines vintage design elements, like a domed dial and pencil hands, with distinctly more modern colour accents in orange, green and blue.

Three models are available – the Lander, Oxley and Ponting – each named after colonial era British explorers. All share the same steel case that’s 39.5mm in diameter.

Farer GMT 3

Farer GMT 5

Farer GMT 4

More unusually the crown is bronze, meaning it will develop a patina over time as the watch is wound and set.

Farer GMT 6

Farer GMT 10

The Farer GMT is powered by an ETA 2893, a variant of the workhorse ETA 2892 modified to show a second time zone.

Farer GMT 7

Farer GMT 8

Farer GMT 9

Like many other watches at this price point, the Farer GMT is produced by a private label Swiss manufacturer, in this case Roventa Henex.

Price and availability 

The Farer GMT is priced at £1250 (about US$1600), and available direct from Farer online.

Farer GMT 1


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