Introducing the Epos 3435 Verso, an Affordable Inverted Movement

A calibre reengineered so the back is now on the front.

The latest from Epos, a maker of affordable watches, is the 3435 Verso. It is powered by the Unitas 6497 – the large calibre most familiar for being in entry-level Panerai watches – but one that’s been revamped to migrate the time display to the back.

Consequently the dial show the time, but also what is usually the back of the movement, revealing the movement bridges, balance wheel, gear train and barrel on the face. This idea has been done before, the Breguet La Tradition being the most striking example, but uncommon at this price, at under US$2000.

Epos 3435 Verso-3

The gear train bridge and balance cock have been open-worked to reveal more of the mechanics, while the top surfaces of the bridges have been given a fancy laser-engraved motif.

The mechanical modification to show the time on the barrel bridge is visible below the hands, with several gears connected to the gear train that usually indicates tells the time on the other side of the movement. Epos has left the subsidiary seconds in its original position, which means it is now on the back of the watch. A porthole on the case back reveals the small seconds hand, which is accompanied by a pulsometric scale calibrated for 20 heartbeats.

Epos 3435 Verso-2

The steel case is 43.5mm wide and also available with a rose gold-plated finish.

Price and availability

The 3435 Verso is priced at SFr1855, equivalent to about US$1850.


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