Up Close with the Richard Mille RM 19-01 “Natalie Portman” Blue Sapphire

Natalie Portman fashioned the RM 19-01 Spider Tourbillon, a hand-wound wristwatch decorated by a diamond-set arachnid. We go up close with a blue sapphire-set RM 19-01 Asia Edition.

A trendy ladies’ timepiece designed by the talented American actress who is a Richard Mille ambassador, the RM 19-01 Natalie Portman is a tourbillon wristwatch with a skeleton movement featuring a baseplate in the form of a stylised spider. And this particular specimen is the Asia Edition, distinguished by the more than 800 blue sapphires set on the front and flanks. One of the two female actresses, along with Michelle Yeoh, who are Richard Mille brand ambassadors, Natalie Portman selected the spider as the theme for her namesake wristwatch which was originally introduced in 2014. An elegantly simple motif, the arachnid is made up of just a handful of lines, and set with diamonds. 

Being significantly skeletonised, much of the movement is visible below the spider. The plate on the reverse of the watch, which is made of black-coated white gold, is open-worked into a spiderweb, and then set with black sapphires. Made by respected compilations specialist Renaud & Papi, the movement is hand-wound and finished in an unfussy manner, with most of the components black or grey.

This particular version of the RM 19-01 Spider Tourbillon is in white gold and set with baguette-cut blue sapphires no the front and sides, making for a very extravagant looking timepiece. 

The RM 19-01 Natalie Portman Asia Edition a limited edition of just three, sold only in Richard Mille boutiques in Asia. The price is approximately US$1.5 million.

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Döttling Introduces Entry-Level Luxury Safe for Watches

Protecting pricey timepieces in style just got a bit more affordable with the Döttling FocusLine, a series of more affordable, high security safes.

Döttling is best known for its extravagantly unnecessary safes that sometimes cost more than the objects inside. They usually start at US$100,000, climbing to a quarter million dollars or more. The German safe maker even offers a portable, bulletproof watch case with a built-in tracking device. But just like luxury watchmakers Döttling is also adapting to the times with the FocusLine, its lowest priced series of safes to date, starting at €9000, or about US$9800. The basic FocusLine safe costs less than the portable watch case but nonetheless is suitably outfitted. It’s meets the basic requirements for safes as specified German security testing laboratory VdS, with higher levels available upon request. And it is also fire-resistant, being able to withstand an hour at 1090 degrees Celsius. 

Inside everything is customisable, with a variety of options to store items from watches to guns. It’s also possible to fit up to three winder modules inside, with each module containing four winders. The safe is lined with Alcantara inside and out, with chrome-plated hardware as the basic finish.

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