Introducing The Analog Watch Co. Mason Wristwatch, With A Dial And Case Of Marble

A Kickstarter project by Analog Watch Co., the Mason Watch has a case and dial made of marble, available in two shapes and fitted to a Zulu-style leather strap.

Philadelphia-based Analog Watch Co. offers affordable timepieces made of unusual materials, including woods like teak and bamboo. Its latest project is the Mason Watch, an affordable wristwatch with a marble case and dial. Similar in many respects to the Tissot Rock Watch of the 1980s, which was made from Swiss-sourced rocks and minerals, the Mason Watch is available with a round or hexagonal case. Both case shapes measure 41mm in diameter from nine to three o’clock. Inside a basic but effect Ronda quartz movement. Polished to a slight gloss, black or white marble is available, both showing the characteristics striations of the rock. 

Available with gold or silver plated accents (the hands, dial flange and crown), the case has a metal back with two metal loops to accommodate a Zulu- or NATO-type (or RAF-type for traditionalists) strap.

The Mason Watch costs US$165 for early bird backers, and rising to US$180 subsequent backers. Details can be found on its Kickstarter page.

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