Up Close With The Incredible Philippe Dufour Simplicity

All the attention is on Baselworld 2012, but for those who wants a diversion, here is something Simplistic for your enjoyment. Arguably the best finished contemporary wristwatch in the world, the Philippe Dufour Simplicity.

The Simplicity is functionally, and visually, a distilled vision of mid-twentieth century Vallée de Joux watchmaking. But turn it over, and have your breath taken away. Though simple, the movement is spectacular in its finishing and details. The steel cap for the escape wheel cock, for instance, is absolutely perfect.

In fact, the finishing is flawless, even much deeper down. Witness the bevelling on the bridge for the pallet fork, which sits below the balance wheel.

This is the 34 mm version with guilloche dial in a white gold case; Dufour also offered 37 mm cases and white lacquered dials.

I have lots of close-up photos of the other two Simplicities as well. And for those who want to enjoy a close runner-up, or maybe even a peer of the Simplicity, the Dufour-inspired Seiko Credor Spring Drive Eichi is for you.


The devil’s horns

The beautifully polished steel winding click

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