Hands-on with the MB&F HM4 “Flying Panda” for Only Watch 2011

Created in collaboration with Chinese contemporary artist Huang Hankang, the MB&F HM4 Only Watch is a unique Horological Machine No. 4 with a hand-engraved, white gold panda riding the machine. 

On the wrist this looks like a regular HM4, which already makes a tremendous statement in itself. Shaped like the pod racer from Star Wars, the HM4 is the most radical Horological Machine from MB&F. The panda is much less noticeable in the metal, and also much less toy-like. Up close, it is both amusing and entertaining. And the panda can be removed, turning the watch into an ordindary HM4.

Interestingly the panda also has less contrast than the press photos, it’s silver and grey, rather than silver and black.

More could have been done to make this more different from the regular HM4. But then again the HM4 is so far out there it’s hard to get more unusual. This unique version of the HM4 was created for Only Watch 2011, a biennial charity auction held to raise funds for research into Duchenne musucular dystrophy. More photos of the HM4 “Flying Panda” follow. – SJX

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New Seiko flagship store in Tokyo

Wako in Ginza taken on a rainy evening in 2009

Seiko has just announced it will open a new flagship store in Tokyo, located on the first level of the Wako department store in Ginza. Before this the Seiko store run by Wako (which is owned by Seiko Group) was located round the block from the main Wako store at Ginza junction; various other Wako stores including a cafe are scattered around the area as well. Though the current Seiko salon is well equipped, it’s not on the main Ginza thoroughfare as the Wako department store is. 

When the renovated Wako store opens on 24 June, the first level will display Seiko watches and the basement will showcase Seiko clocks. Currently the basement is the fine watch department of Wako, displaying high-end watches of all brands.

I think this is a smart move to showcase the Seiko brand in a premier location. And it’s also good news that Wako is renovating; the few times I stepped in before it felt like an extraordinarily stiff and conservative, but very high-end, store.


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The MB&F HM4 Only Watch on Max Büsser

A few weeks ago MB&F unveiled the HM4 Only Watch, created for the Only Watch 2011 charity auction which will happen in Monte Carlo in September. Working with Chinese artist Huang Hankang, Maximilian Büsser used the Horological Machine No. 4 Thunderbolt as a base for the HM4 Only Watch piece unique. It features a detachable panda flying on the HM4.

Here are a couple of photos of the HM4 on Max Büsser’s wrist. The panda isn’t actually very evident on the wrist, unless you look closely. More photos of the watch soon.

– SJX Update: Many more photos of the MB&F HM4 Only Watch.

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