G-Shock Goes Lightweight with the Carbon Edition

The classic design in full carbon.

G-Shock commemorates the 40th anniversary of its shock-resistant digital timepiece, two new models inspired by the original 1983 design penned by Kikuo Ibe, but in an all-new material for the brand. Made entirely from carbon composite – case and bracelet – the Carbon Edition is significantly lighter than its Full Metal counterparts. Available in shades of marbled purple or classic black, the Carbon Edition weighs just 65 g including the bracelet.

Initial thoughts

G-Shock successfully evolved its iconic digital timepiece into a fashion accessory with a prominent presence in popular culture. Collaborators that have designed their take on the G-Shock range from artist Takashi Murakami to streetwear label Supreme.

And in 2018, the brand introduced the G-Shock Full Metal, a modern take on original G-Shock DW-5000 of 1983 that added an integrated bracelet to the original design. Dozens of Full Metal variants have been introduced in a relatively short span – including an extraordinary all-18k gold version – diminishing the novelty and appeal the concept. 

The Carbon Edition is essentially a Full Metal but fortunately not metal, instead it is entirely in carbon composite. Though the use of a carbon composite is not revolutionary, this iteration sets itself apart, both in tactile feel and appearance. Both versions are lightweight, and the purple version is striking.

The material does bring with it questions of longevity as carbon composites are not as robust as metal alloys. G-Shock’s sterling reputation for robustness, however, means it will probably age well, maybe even better than the composites used for high-end Swiss watches.

The Carbon Edition are both priced at US$2,000 each. The price is more than double that of the standard steel Full Metal and more expensive than the titanium version. It is definitely not value for money, but it is certainly interesting. G-Shock enthusiast will find them very different from G-Shock models to date, while watch enthusiasts will appreciate the material, which is often associated with pricey mechanical watches.

The G-Shock Dream Project, entirely in 18k yellow gold and many multiples the weight of the Carbon Edition

Lightweight composites

The Carbon Edition is available in two variations: the all-black GCW-B5000UN-1 and the purple GCW-B5000UN-6. The purple composite stands out because of its marbled appearance with opal specks scattered throughout the material. Both are limited editions of sorts, with the production number undisclosed. 

The two variants are entirely in carbon composite, with the marbled appearance of the composite is meant to evoke the Big Bang and galaxies in outer space according to Casio.

The case and bracelet are made from composites of carbon fibre and resin, giving it the familiar mottled appearance of carbon composite. Consequently, the entire watch weighs a mere 65 g, reflecting a 61% reduction in weight compared to the standard Full Metal GMW-B5000 in steel.

According to G-Shock, the case, bezel, band, and clasp are each made from different composites in order to meet technical and physical requirements. The bezel and bracelet are forged carbon, while the blades of the clasp are made from multilayer carbon, which has strength and flexibility. The monocoque case and case back, on the other hand, are carbon fiber-reinforced resin.

The engraved case back features the 40th anniversary emblem of G-Shock that was designed by American graphic artist Eric Haze

Though the material is different, the Carbon Edition retains the styling and monocoque construction found in the Full Metal models. The case is defined by its oblong bezel and a brick-pattern dial. The case dimensions are 49.1 mm by 45 mm and 14.5 mm high. This results in the watch being marginally wider than the steel model by 0.3 mm and 1.8 mm respectively, while also being thicker by 1.5 mm.

The Carbon Edition has the same electronic module as the Full Metal models. That means an LED display and a solar-powered movement with multi functionality, including world time, a chronograph, countdown timer, calendar, four daily alarms, Bluetooth connectivity. The Tough Solar function relies on solar cells for a 22-month running time on a full charge.

Special presentation box for the Carbon Edition

Key facts and price

Casio G-Shock Carbon Edition “40th Anniversary”
Ref. GCW-B5000UN-1 (black)
Ref. GCW-B5000UN-6 (purple)

Diameter: 49.1 mm by 45 mm
Height: 14.5 mm
Material: Carbon composite
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 200 m

Movement: Model 3543
Functions: Digital, multifunction, Bluetooth connectivity
Winding: Solar
Frequency: Battery
Power reserve: 22 months with power-saving function

Strap: Matching bracelet 

Limited edition: In limited quantities
Availability: At G-Shock stores and G-Shock.com starting December 2023
Price: US$2,000, or 2,799 Singapore dollars

For more information, visit G-Shock.com.


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