Introducing the G-Shock Glacier Gold 35th Anniversary

The classics in translucent "jelly" and gold.
G-Shock Glacier Gold series

Casio has been rolling out commemorative editions over the course of the year, to mark the 35th anniversary of the G-Shock. The best known is of course the G-Shock ‘Full Metal’, a remake of the original 1983 model. Now that’s been joined by the G-Shock Glacier Gold, a quartet of translucent “jelly” models with bright gold accents that are variations of popular models in the current catalogue.

All four watches have gold-plated dials, screws, backs and buckles, along with matching translucent straps, as well as case back bearing the anniversary logo.

The first two are vintage remakes. One is the DW5035E-7, with its distinctive oblong case shaped like that of the original G-Shock DW5000 of 1983. And the other is the DW5735E-7, which is based on the DW5700 of 1987, one of the earliest round G-Shock watches.

Both of these have the same movement and are functionally identical, with functions including stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm. And they also have screw-down case backs, instead of a back secured by four screws.

G Shock Glacier Gold DW5035E DW5735E

The next pair is based on more recent designs. The GA-735E is oversized and 53.4mm in diameter, and based on the GA-710. It has both an analogue and digital display, along with the most electronic functions of the range, including a 31-time zone world time and 1/10th of a second countdown timer.

The smaller GA-835E is 48.6mm in diameter, with slightly fewer functions than its oversized cousin. It’s a variant of the GA-810.

G Shock Glacier Gold GA-735E GA-835E

Price and availability 

The Glacier Gold series is already available in stores. In Japan all four share the same retail price of ¥24,300 including local taxes.

Overseas the retail prices differ between models: the DW5035E-7 and DW5735E-7 are priced at US$220 or S$339, while the GA-735E and GA-835E are US$190 or S$249.


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