Chanel Introduces the Lion Astroclock

A monochromatic, extravagant desk timekeeper.

Titled Chanel Interstellar, the 2023 watch collection debuted by Chanel was inspired by “science fiction, space and time travel”. The line-up naturally included exotic variations on the J12, but the most impressive timekeeper wasn’t a wristwatch but a desk clock, the Lion Astroclock.

Anchored by a lion, the Astroclock is typical Chanel in style. Almost entirely matte black, it has discreet touches of extravagance in the form of brilliant-cut diamonds on the hands, which form the unusual, planetarium-style time display.

The lion is a reference to Leo, Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign

Initial thoughts

Monochromatic, sculptural timekeepers with the occasion gemstone setting, Chanel’s top-of-the-line clocks possess an easy, intrinsic appeal. The Astroclock is no different.

At a distance, it probably won’t look particularly interesting on a desk, but up close the refined execution is visible. All the details within the glass sphere – the three-dimensional time display, polished surfaces, and brilliant-cut diamonds – need to be admired up close.

With its US$350,000-ish price tag, the Astroclock is probably more expensive than it should be considering the relatively simple L’Epee movement, but it is impressive.


Clean and entirely in matte black, the Lion Astroclock echoes the styling of the Chronosphere clock of 2018, but with added astronomical elements that reference Coco Chanel. Standing about 35 cm high, the Lion Astroclock is comprised of a base enclosing a lion, which supports a glass sphere that contains all of its mechanics.

The time display is done planetarium-style: hours are indicated by a diamond-set star on a globe that serves as the hour scale, while minutes are shown with a hand shaped like a constellation. Both hands are naturally 18k white gold.

The star-shaped hand on the hour sphere   

The minute hand

The Lion Astroclock was developed by L’Epee, the Swiss clockmaker responsible for most of the watch industry’s high-end clocks, ranging from Ulysse Nardin’s buoy-shaped clock to the revolver by The Unnamed Society. The mechanics are as expected of L’Epee, with the exposed escapement and balance positioned vertically on the front of the clock.

Key facts and price

Chanel Lion Astroclock
Ref. H7784

Dimensions: 20.6 cm by 17.6 cm
Height: 34.2 cm
Material: Black-coated brass, rock crystal, and diamonds

Movement: Developed by L’Epee
Functions: Hours and minutes
Winding: Key-wound

Limited edition: Five pieces
 Only at Chanel boutiques
Price: US$350,500

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