Omega Introduces the Aqua Terra in Bright Colours

Fashionable shades for an entry-level sports watch.

Of Omega’s novelties for the year (which include a 6000 m dive watch and solid-gold Speedmaster Moonwatch) the Seamaster Aqua Terra is the most affordable while also offering the widest range in terms of style and size.

The brand has just taken the covers off the latest Aqua Terra range made up of ten watches evenly divided into 34 mm and 38 mm cases, but all in vibrant, upbeat colours.

The 34 mm model with a Lagoon Green dial

Initial thoughts

In terms of intrinsic appeal, the latest Aqua Terras are a wonderful addition to the line up. They show that Omega has begun to loosen up in terms of dial colours and style, which will no doubt help widen its audience.

Another point of appeal is the dial finish. While the colours are bright, they aren’t in-your-face thanks to a brushed finish. And the 34 mm model also sports more rounded forms for the hands and hour markers that give it a more elegant feel. Overall, it makes for a versatile watch that’s not too sporty.

And it’s also good news Omega has done away with the linear motif inspired by the wood decks of a sailboat that was long synonymous with the Aqua Terra.

The 34 mm quintet

That said, the collection immediately call to mind the Oyster Perpetual from 2020 that was an instant hit thanks to its range of colourful, lacquered dials. That leaves the new Aqua Terra feeling like a trend follower rather than trendsetter. Only time will tell whether this approach is conducive to the positioning of the brand.

(To be fair, Omega did release a green-dial Aqua Terra 41 mm in 2020, before the colour became a hit, though it wasn’t really a trend-setter.)

Lastly comes the price. The new Aqua Terras are priced approximately 5% higher than their predecessors. The two generations aren’t that different in tangible terms, but considering standard practice in the watch industry, the premium is fair enough.

Various flavours

Two sizes of the Aqua Terra, namely 38 mm and 34 mm, were chosen for the colourful dial treatment. Though similar at a glance, the two sizes differ a lot in their details, ranging from the dial colours to the hour markers.

The 34 mm model is obviously catered to the female market with its brighter, bolder colours such as Shell Pink and Lavender. At the same time, the rounded markers and hands give the watch a softer aesthetic, good news for those who find the sharp, trapezoidal shapes on the dial of the 38 mm model too much.

Lavender in 34 mm

The 38 mm model with its angular markers and hands

And the 34 mm is arguably better executed in terms of proportions. The date window, for instance, sits lower and closer to the edge of the dial, in contrast to “dangling” date on the 38 mm model. Also, the 34 mm version sports indices and hands of solid white gold, while its larger counterpart has them in rhodium-plated brass.

The “floating” date window on the 38 mm model (right) is especially apparent since the date disc is stark white

The bracelet on both versions is almost identical, save for size. Conceived as a streamlined and polished version of the bracelet found on the Seamaster Planet Ocean – the brand’s full-fledged dive watch – the new Aqua Terra bracelet has smaller links that will improve comfort since it is more supple and can be sized in finer increments. That said, the new bracelet is reminiscent of the “President” bracelet found on the Rolex Day-Date.

Both models are powered by the cal. 8800, which is the brand’s single-barrel workhorse that offers a power reserve of 55 hours. Compared to the cal. 8900 found in the largest, 41 mm Aqua Terra, the cal. 8800 lacks a quick-set hour hand, though that means the the date can be more easily advanced.

Key facts and price

Omega Seasmaster Aqua Terra 150 mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer
Ref. (38 mm, Atlantic Blue)
Ref. (38 mm, Bay Green)
Ref. (38 mm, Sand Stone)
Ref. (38 mm, Saffron)
Ref. (38 mm, Terracotta)
Ref. (34 mm, Sea Blue)
Ref. (34 mm, Lagoon Green)
Ref. (34 mm, Sandstone)
Ref. (34 mm, Shell Pink)
Ref. (34 mm, Lavender)

Diameter: 38 mm or 34 mm
Height: 12.26 mm (38 mm); 11.88 mm (34 mm)
Material: Steel
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 150 m

Movement: Cal. 8800
Features: Hours, minutes, seconds, and date
Frequency: 25,200 beats per hour (3.5 Hz)
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 55 hours

Strap: Steel bracelet

Limited edition: No
 At Omega boutiques and retailers
Price: US$6,000

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