Introducing the Swatch x BAPE Big Bold

A Bathing Ape goes Swiss.

After having collaborated with watchmakers like Bell & Ross and Seiko  last year, Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape (BAPE), is teaming up with Swatch for a series of limited edition Big Bold watches.

The Swatch x BAPE collection is made up of six models – five dedicated to a different city and one “global” edition. The five cities are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Bern – the actual capital of Switzerland, and not Zurich or Geneva.

Swatch Big Bold Bape - All Cities

All six watches feature the signature BAPE camouflage motif on the dial or strap, along with the BAPE logo of an ape’s head. Notably, the camo pattern on the London, New York, Tokyo and Paris editions incorporate a world map into the camouflage.

Swatch BAPE Big Bold - Cities 1

From left: Global, London, New York, Paris, Bern and Tokyo

Swatch Big Bold Bape Paris

The hour hands are tipped with the BAPE logo, while the seconds hand is a lightning bolt

And three, eight and nine on some of the dials with hour numerals are highlighted in contrasting colours, a reference to 1993, the year that BAPE was founded, as well as 1983, when Swatch was established.

Swatch Big Bold Bape Bern

The Bern edition with “8” and “3” in red, a nod to the year of Swatch’s founding

The Big Bold watches are typical Swatch in construction, with a 47mm plastic case and a silicone strap. They are powered by quartz movements with a day and date function.

Swatch Big Bold Bape The World

Key facts

Diameter: 47mm
Height: 11.75mm
Material: Matte plastic
Water resistance: 30m

Movement: Quartz

Strap: Matte silicone

Pricing and availability

All six watches are priced at US$150 each, or 209 Singapore dollars, and will be available worldwide from June 15, 2019.

The Swatch Big Bold Bape The World edition is limited to 19,930 pieces while the Paris, Tokyo, London and New York City editions will be limited to 1,993 pieces. The Bern edition is limited to 983 pieces.

A box set containing all six watches, limited to just 83 sets, will also be available for 1,000 Swiss francs, or US$1,000. More information on the set will follow.


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