Introducing the $70,000 G-Shock “Dream Project” in Solid, 18k Yellow Gold

The 'Pure Gold' G-D5000-9JR.

First shown as a concept watch at Baselworld 2015, the “pure-gold” G-Shock Dream Project in solid, 18k gold has finally become reality – at an unreal price and in a limited edition of just 35 watches.

With the case, bracelet and exterior screws made entirely of solid 18k yellow gold, the G-Shock ‘Pure Gold’ is outrageously over the top – and super cool. An ultra-heavy electronic wristwatch, it’s the polar opposite of the ultra-light mechanical wristwatch.


Styled exactly like the bestselling ‘Full Metal’ G-Shock, the ‘Pure Gold’ edition is the ultimate 35th anniversary edition. Function-wise it’s identical to the standard ‘Full Metal’ G-Shock, and boasts the same shock-resistant double-case construction.

Like the ‘Full Metal’, the solid gold edition features a brushed bezel and case, with a mirror-polished case middle and a black LCD display.


Price and availability 

The G-Shock ‘Pure Gold’ is a limited edition of 35 pieces, priced at 7.7m yen, or about US$69,500, excluding taxes.

Reservations for the watch can only be made at select G-Shock boutiques in Japan starting May 15, 2019. Overseas availability has yet to be announced. And deliveries will take place each month until the end of the year.


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