Rolex Explains its History on

A new website dedicated to the past.

Earlier today Rolex unveiled its first ever Twitter account, and also, a website dedicated to its history – notably the story of its founder Hans Wilsdorf – as well as its support of the arts, sciences and environmental causes. It even explains the exceptionally impressive Rolex complex in the Acacias suburb of Geneva.

As is expected of Rolex, the website is a elaborate, educational affair that quietly and subtly explains why Rolex is far and away world’s biggest luxury brand. It is not (yet?) about Rolex watches per se; a note at the bottom of the page advises readers to “Discover our watches on”, but it is deeply illustrative of the values of Rolex. perpetual

The multi-chapter story of Hans Wilsdorf headquarters

All about the expansive green glass towers in Geneva

It’s well worth a visit –


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