Introducing the Longines RailRoad, the Historic Remake of a Railway Chronometer

Modelled on the precision timepieces made for railroad engineers, the new RailRoad wristwatch is faithful to the original and affordable - and has no date function. Details below, including pricing.

Sitting in the Longines Museum is a wristwatch from the 1960s, a sample of the type issued to railroad engineers the world over, from the United States to China. Eminently legible and strikingly legible, the no-nonsense chronometer has been remade by Longines as the RailRoad.

Longines RailRoad

Satisfyingly faithful to the original – the RailRoad is one of the few modern Longines remakes without a date window – the RailRoad is stainless steel and 40 mm in diameter. Lacquered in glossy ivory and slightly domed, just like the original, the dial features oversized hour numerals with a 24-hour scale to easily distinguish between day and night, along with lance-shaped hands.

Longines RailRoad 3

While the original bore the lettering “R.R 280” on the dial, short for railroad and the calibre number, the remake reads “R.R 888”, a reference to the L888.2 movement inside. Based on an ETA movement, the L.888.2 is automatic with a 64-hour power reserve.

Longines RailRoad watch museum

The RailRoad is priced at a reasonable SFr1700 or S$2700.

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