W&W 2014: Introducing The Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Astronomica

One of the most complicated timepieces in recent memory.

Unveiled and sold on the first day of Watches&Wonders 2014, the Vacheron Constantin Maître Cabinotier Astronomica is a grand complication of the old school – as many functions as possible packed into a large watch case. One complication less than the Tour de l’Ile made for the brand’s 250th anniversary in 2005, the Maître Cabinotier Astronomica is amongst the most complicated wristwatches made by Vacheron Constantin.

The white gold case is 47 mm wide and 19.1 mm high, necessary to contain the calibre 2755-B1 which comprises 839 components and 15 complications:

1. Minute repeater
2. Tourbillon
3-7. Perpetual calendar (date, day of the week, month, leap year)
8. Power reserve
9. Equation of time
10. Sunrise time
11. Sunset time
12. Sky chart
13. Age and phases of the moon
14. Sidereal hours and minutes
15. Seasons, zodiac signs

Functions 2 to 11 are displayed on the front, while 12 to 15 are shown on the rear of the watch.

With a rumored price tag of 2 million Swiss francs, or about US$2.1 million, the Maître Cabinotier Astronomica sold on the first day of the fair. But for those with deep pockets, fret not. While the Maître Cabinotier Astronomica is a unique timepiece, similar timepieces can can be made on request with various customisable options, including the geographical location for the star chart.

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