Unveiling the Romain Jerome Sailor’s Grave – tattooed by Mo Coppoletta

Designed by noted tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta, the Romain Jerome Tattoo-DNA Sailor’s Grave is inspired by the sailor’s tattoo commemorating lost ships.

Tattoos have long been a part of sailing, with each motif conveying a particular meaning. Created in collaboration with British tattoo artist and watch collector Mo Coppoletta, the first of the new Romain Jerome Tattoo-DNA line is the Sailor’s Grave, inspired by the tattoo of the same name.

Intended to commemorate lost vessels, sailor’s grave tattoos typically depict a sinking ship, still partially visible above the water, along with an anchor, life preserver or an eagle. On the watch, the dial is dominated by a large anchor in relief, with the sinking ship behind it. The waves are violent, and dark clouds dominate the top half of the dial, with bolts of lightning streaking downwards.

All the dial elements are made of silver, stamped and then engraved, with the bolts of lightning in red or yellow lacquer mixed with SuperLuminova, which means the lightning bolts will glow in the dark. 

The red or yellow lightning dials are each available in either a steel or black PVD coated case measuring 50 mm in diameter; this is the same case used for the Titanic-DNA watches. That makes for four versions of the Sailor’s Grave, with each being limited to 25 pieces though the artist himself prefers the PVD. “I got myself the all black with red bolts,” says Mo, “the yellow are very good but you can’t go wrong with red!”

Mo Coppoletta’s choice

Notably, the steel variants are presented on a skin-tone leather strap tattooed by Mo Coppoletta himself, while the PVD versions have a black nylon strap.

The Sailor’s Grave uses a Valjoux 7750-based movement and the retail price is US$18,450 or SFr16,950, excluding taxes. And for those who want a real tattoo to go along with the watch, Mo Coppoletta’s tattoo parlour in London is known as The Family Business.


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