Introducing the Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary fired enamel dial (with specs and price)

A few weeks ago Seiko announced a pair of limited edition watches for the 100th anniversary of the first Seiko wristwatch, the Laurel. These Presage limited editions have fired enamel dials in white with a red XII, in a nod to the 1913 Laurel wristwatch. Think of this as a Credor Eichi on a budget.

Seiko Presage limited edition with the Laurel of 1913

The first model is the SARW005 with power reserve, and date indicator at six o’clock, using the 6R27 movement. This will retail for JPY105,000 with tax (about USD1230).

Seiko Presage SARW005

The other is the SARX011, a simple time-only automatic with date. Inside is the 6R15 movement. The retail price will be JPY84,000 (which is USD985).

Seiko Presage SARX011

Both are limited to 500 pieces, and have 40.5 mm steel cases with display backs. The SARW005 with power reserve is 13.3 mm high, while the SARX011 is 12.9 mm. For an enamel dial, mechanical wristwatch, these represent tremendous value. The date of release in Japan is January 12, 2013. – SJX

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