News: Artya Werewolf Blood and Bullet for Halloween

ArtyA, the company that brought us the Bye-Bye Euro with a dial made from shredded notes, has just announced its Halloween special, the Artya Werewolf Blood and Bullet. The press release announcing it is worth reproducing in its entirety: Against werewolves of the Modern Age. ArtyA’s latest unique piece combines a cut-up silver bullet; renowned for its ability to kill werewolves, and the blood of its victim. The look is absolutely scary. The 47 mm case features a target sight engraved on the bezel and a high end automatic Swiss made movement. The dial contains a handmade silver bullet that is forged, engraved and rubbed with garlic in Geneva during a full moon night. It also contains its victims’ blood. The watch is created especially for Halloween, to protect us from the werewolves of modern times.

The self-deprecating humour is priceless. ArtyA watches are fairly inexpensive, and sell for CHF2400 to CHF3900 on their webstore.


ArtyA Werewolf Blood and Bullet
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