The Bremont B-52 Stratofortress chronograph

I just finished dinner with Giles Bremont, one half of the brothers who founded the company. Bremont is a fairly new English brand specialising in military pilot’s watches. Previously I found their watches somewhat pricey for what they are, but after examining them up close I am persuaded otherwise.

Bremont B-52 Chronograph

The case work in particularly is impressive – the case is hardened steel (2000 Vickers, more than ceramic and about the same sapphire) with an interesting form and construction. It is a sandwich with an aluminium centre band that can be anodised in a variety of colours, orange being the most striking. Naturally Bremont is not the only company making military aviator’s watches, IWC is famous for its Top Gun – and Breitling is trying too. And the military connections are genuine and intriguing. They have made watches for various squadrons and defence companies like ejection seat maker Martin Baker. The latest to receive their own watch are the operators of the B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber of the US air force.

This is a Valjoux 7750 based chronograph with the B-52 logo on the dial. Notably the nylon and leather strap is made by a company that does straps for prosthetic limbs.

Bremont is more interesting than I expected, and I will likely cover it further soon.


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