When a Swiss watchmaker gets really angry, he issues a press release

Swatch just terminated its joint venture with Tiffany & Co. Rare is a press release like this in the staid world of Swiss watchmaking, the land of green grass, cows and mountain hikes. Quoted from the press release: “Today Swatch Group terminated its cooperation contracts with Tiffany & Co. This action became necessary following Tiffany & Co’s systematic efforts to block and delay development of the businessSwatch Group and Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd. will press claims for damages against Tiffany & Co., New York, in compensation for the loss of planned long-term future business.”  You can practically feel the indignation and outrage in the statement. – SJX

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A look into Rolex marketing


Bloomberg just ran a fascinating story on marketing at Rolex and how “Testimonies” – the brand’s ambassadors – are chosen and work. If Rolex appoints me as a Testimony I’d ask for the new Explorer II black dial, ahead of everyone else!


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