The most expensive mobile phone in the world

Celsius X V II

Is the Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX. Crafted from titanium with a variety of inserts available, pictured are ebony wood inserts, the phone features a flying tourbillon and watch which are wound by opening and closing the clamshell phone. The watch movement is crafted by the ex-BNB folks now at Hublot; I saw parts for this phone at Hublot in Nyon when I visited. You can hear the tourbillon ticking away, quite audibly, while using the phone. And there is a function to reduce the volume if the call is tedious, so the user can just listen to the tourbillon. Only 10 or so are made each year and retail for about USD400,000. It costs that much because of the technology and craft – it is not set diamonds or gems.

It is difficult to grasp the concept of this phone, which is ridiculous and brilliant at the same time. This is like the $100,000 iridium razor with sapphire blades that was unveiled some weeks ago. But the Celsius is remarkable in so many ways. A more detailed report is coming up. – SJX

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