The coolest Opus in a long time

Denis Giguet
Harry Winston just unveiled the Opus Eleven (why not 11 or XI?), which looks to be the coolest instalment in this series since the Opus V. Created together with Denis Giguet of MCT, who incidentally is an alumnus of Rolex and Harry Winston, the Opus 11 is easy to understand.

The hours are displayed in the centre of the case, while the running minutes are on the discs inside the bubble at two o’clock while the bubble at four o’clock exposes the balance wheel. 

The action takes place at the top of the hour, when the hour digit in the centre breaks apart into its four constituent discs, and the next hour is assembled in the centre by another four discs.

The Harry Winston Opus Eleven

There are 24 discs in total that revolve around the case – four satellites holding six discs each.

Since the Opus 6 I found the Opi (or Opuses or Opera?) rather lacklustre. The Opus Eleven turns it around completely. Bravo! On another note, the new Opus Eleven reminds me of the Vianney Halter Goldpfeil Satellarium with its “hidden Mickey”.

Vianney Halter Satellarium Photo credit Christie’s

Update: This video illustrates how the Opus Eleven functions.

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