Urwerk Introduces the UR-100V with Titanium Bracelet

All-grey and utilitarian.

Urwerk’s entry-level – and most wearable – model from has just got more interesting at Dubai Watch Week with the new UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket, the first metal bracelet for the UR-100 line, and an integrated bracelet at that.

Bracelet aside, the UR-100V also gets a new look – muted shades of grey and almost monochromatic – giving the watch a sleek, clean look that’s handsome.

Initial thoughts

While an integrated bracelet is now the fad for high-end watches, it is relatively unusual for Urwerk. The latest UR-100 is clearly different from the typical Urwerk. Though the brand has installed bracelets on its watches in the past, they were few in number and restricted to the top-of-the-line models like the UR-210.

Despite the new(ish) look, the UR-100V is still very much an Urwerk, because the open dial with wandering hours is instantly recognisable. And the bracelet is smartly done with a minimalist style, so it doesn’t get in the way of the design.

In fact, the restrained, all-grey palette will be familiar to long-time fans of the brand. The sand-blasted case and bracelet in shades of grey call to mind earlier models like the UR-105 that was finished similarly, as well as the more recent UR-100 Gunmetal.

When this arrived in my inbox, I instantly found it attractive, but I thought the construction of bracelet was too simple. In the photos, it lacks the complexity of Urwerk’s signature cases that are finely machined.

But after seeing it in the metal I am convinced. The bracelet is precisely constructed and sturdy, yet lightweight and thin so it sits well on the wrist. It has a military-industrial, sci-fi aesthetic that’s cool.

Design wise, it doesn’t try to do too much but avoids being derivative of other fashionable luxury-sports watches.

Despite being one of the most affordable offerings from the brand, the UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket costs a substantial sum. It’s priced at around US$59,000, which is about 15% more than its counterparts on a strap. That said, the cost of the bracelet is fair and on par with the norm for such things.

Grey satellites

According to Urwerk, the time display of the UR-100V is slightly upgraded over the first-generation version to improve legality: the hour numerals sit next to the red minute pointer as a result of the redesigned cover over the satellites.

The display mechanism on the front has alternating sand-blasted and brushed surfaces, creating various tones of grey that match the case

Like the case, the bracelet gets a matte, all-grey finish. It’s entirely sand-blasted – including the bevels on the edges of the links – giving it a grey colour once shade darker than the dial.

Notably, the bracelet appears integrated but the case remains unchanged from previous versions of the UR-100, so it can be replaced by a strap.

Key facts and price

Urwerk UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket

Case diameter: 41 mm
Case height: 14 mm
Material: Titanium
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 m

Movement: UR 12.02
Features: Satellite hours and minutes; Earth’s rotational and orbital distance
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 48 hours

Strap: Titanium bracelet

Limited edition: No
Availability: Now at Urwerk retailers
Price: 55,000 Swiss francs

For more, visit urwerk.com.


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