Introducing the Undone Peanuts Chronograph with Snoopy & Friends

The meca-quartz 'One World'.

Hong Kong-based Undone Watches is best known for its affordable, retro-style chronographs, which have just gotten an injection of pop culture with the One World collection featuring Charles M. Shultz’s beloved Peanuts characters, from Charlie Brown to Snoopy.

Undone was founded four years ago by Michael Young, who is better known for his watch restoration workshop Classic Watch Repair. Using components sourced in Hong Kong and China, as well as Seiko “meca-quartz” movements (explained further down), Undone keeps its watches well below US$500.

The Urban One World collection sticks to the same formula, being made up of six watches, including a limited edition and a customisable model.

The collection is based on two basic case types – 41.5mm with a tachymeter bezel or 40mm with a stepped bezel. Both versions have the same case band, with the difference being the diameter of the bezel.

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph Collection

The first four models, with each pair named after Hong Kong and Macau respectively, have tone on tone dials with the Peanuts motifs depicted in bold lines. They all feature a Peanuts character at nine o’clock, save for the black-coated Hong Kong edition that has Charlie Brown’s trademark zigzag t-shirt pattern across the orange dial.

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph Hong Kong

Hong Kong edition

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph Macau

Macau edition

The customisable model offers a choice of options for the case, dial, hands and strap, as well as initials or a Peanuts character printed on the dial, resulting in a mind boggling number of possible iterations.

The characters available for the dial is all encompassing, from Charlie Brown’s archenemy Lucy van Pelt and her brother Linus, to piano-playing Schroeder, to Woodstock.

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph Custom

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph Custom examples

Examples of custom chronographs

Inside all five models is the Seiko VK61, a “meca-quartz” movement that is essentially a hybrid of mechanical and quartz. The movement has a quartz crystal regulator powered by a battery just like an ordinary quartz watch, but with the chronograph mechanism being a traditional mechanical sort with a levers, hammer and heart-cam reset mechanism. As a result, its tactile feel is not unlike a traditional mechanical chronograph.

The movement is partially visible below a sapphire back printed with all of the Peanuts crew.

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph caseback

The final model in the collection is a 150-piece limited edition with a black-coated, 40mm case, stepped bezel and “panda” dial. It bears Charles Schulz’s signature at 12 o’clock, the only model in the line to have this flourish.

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Chronograph limited edition

Undone Peanuts Urban One World Limited Edition Packaging

It’s powered by another Seiko meca-quartz movement, the “bi-compax” VK64, which is hidden behind a solid caseback.

Price and Availability

The Peanuts Urban ‘One World’ Chronographs start at US$330 for the Hong Kong or Macau editions, while the customisable version is US$360. The Charles Schulz limited edition is US$450. They are available direct from Undone.


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