Introducing the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT “Peacock” SBGJ227

A limited edition Grand Seiko with a green guilloche dial.

The top of the line pure mechanical Grand Seiko (as opposed to the Spring Drive), the Hi-Beat 36,000 GMT was introduced in 2014 and the subject of several subsequent limited editions. Seiko just unveiled one more, this time inspired by the plumage of a peacock’s tail.

The dial is a dark green with a stamped guilloche that’s a concentric motif radiating outwards. Like all of the newer Grand Seiko watches, it is only marked “Grand Seiko” on the dial, standard for the product since Grand Seiko became a separate company at Baselworld 2017.

Grand Seiko Hi-beat GMT Peacock SBGJ227-3

The case is steel, 40mm in diameter and 44GS style, with the signature broad, polished lugs that slope upwards towards the bezel.

Grand Seiko Hi-beat GMT Peacock SBGJ227-1

It’s powered by the cal. 9S86, an automatic with a 55-hour power reserve that runs at 36,000 beats per hour. The second time zone hand is adjustable in one-hour steps, forwards and backwards, via the crown. And it is synced with the date display, making setting easy when travelling.

Price and availability

The Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT “Peacock” (ref. SBGJ227) is priced at US$6500. It will be available from Grand Seiko retailers and boutiques worldwide.


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Moritz Grossmann Introduces the Weirdly Different Benu Enamel and Atum Skull

Enamel dial and steel case for an affordable, handsome watch. And another...

Moritz Grossmann, for the most part, produces classically inclined watches with remarkably high quality movements that have a high level of finish and detailing. The Benu Email (émail is French for “enamel”) is then typical of the brand.

It’s a limited production variant of Moritz Grossmann’s signature Benu wristwatch, with the addition of a fired grand feu enamel dial, and more unusually, a stainless steel case. The white dial is similar to that found on the Atum enamel dial limited edition, made of two parts but instead done with Arabic numerals. The numerals and minute track are available either in medium blue or black, while the hands are the brand’s trademark heat blued brown-violet.

Moritz Grossmann Benu enamel 2

The watch is powered by the cal. 100.1, a traditionally constructed movement modelled on 19th century German pocket watches. Beyond the build quality, the movement also features Grossmann’s patented hack seconds mechanism that allows for better time synchronisation – pull the spring-loaded crown to set the time and the seconds hand stops; press the button at four o’clock to release the seconds hand.

The Grossmann calibre inside the Benu Power Reserve

Moritz Grossmann Benu Power Reserve 7

The case is steel, explaining the relatively affordable price compared to the average precious metal Grossmann wristwatch. It is otherwise identical to the standard case, being 41mm in diameter and 11.35mm high.

Moritz Grossmann Benu Power Reserve 24

And then there’s the Atum Pure Skull, which diverges from the brand’s norms. The watch is based on the Atum Pure, a condensed version of Grossmann’s watches with the cal. 201.1 movement that has the same construction and features (including the stop seconds), but minus all of the fancy finishing and flourishes. That means the bridges are still German silver, but finished mechanically with sandblasting, and the balance cock has no engraving, and so on.

Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure steel 5

The model name comes from the skull on the centre of the dial that’s open-worked to reveal parts of the movement. It is an acquired taste.

Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure Skull 2

Two versions of the Atum Pure Skull are available: one with a black-coated steel case and polished skull, and another with a polished steel case and sandblasted skull.

Moritz Grossmann Atum Pure Skull 1

Price and availability 

The Atum Pure Skull in steel (ref. MG-001551) is priced at €15,300, while the Atum Pure Skull in black is €16,000. They are limited to 10 pieces each.

Limited in production to 18 pieces a year in each colour, the Benu Email in blue (ref. MG-001404) and black (ref. MG-001405) are both priced at €27,100.

Prices include 19% German tax.


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