Klokers Introduces the Retro-Style KLOK-08

The quirky and affordable slide rule watch, now simplified and vintage-inspired.

After two successful releases launched – the KLOK-01 and KLOK-02 – watch startup Klokers is now onto its third watch, the KLOK-08, which will soon take to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in October.

Once again inspired by the slide rule, just like the KLOK-01, the KLOK-08 tells the time with two concentric disks instead of three as on the KLOK-01, offering more room on the dial.

Klokers KLOK-08 watch 4

The outermost disc displays the hours and minutes while the innermost disc displays the seconds. Each disc rotates counter-clockwise, meaning that the dial is constantly in motion. Time is indicated by way of a vertical magnifying strip superimposed on the crystal for greater legibility. Powering the discs is a quartz calibre made by Swiss movement manufacturer Ronda.

Klokers KLOK-08 watch 3

While the mechanism is similar to that on the KLOK-01, the watch packs some retro vim. It is available in three combinations: a white dial with a pink-gold-plated case, black and beige dial, or grey and orange dial with a stainless steel case.

Given the primacy that Klokers gives to design, it’s no surprise that the brand also addressed the trend of downsized watches. While its two earlier models were 44mm and 43mm respectively, the KLOK-08 measures 39mm, making it a more comfortable and universal fit for both men and women.

KLOKERS_Klok-08 9

A patented fixing system also found on Klokers’ earlier models allows the case to the slide on and off the strap with the pushback button at eight o’clock. The standalone watch head can also be attached to a fob as a pocket watch, or onto a leather pouch that sits upright, turning it into a desk clock.

Klokers KLOK-08 watch 1

There are four strap options available to suit different style inclinations: leather, alcantara, textile strap and a steel Milanese bracelet. All of which can be worn singularly as an accessory.

Price and availability 

The KLOK-08 is available for pre-order at €149 when you sign up here, or €379 at the start of the campaign.


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