Introducing the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Purity, Inspired by Swiss Cheese Watch

The signature perpetual with a new dial and larger case.

Inventively built for a minimalist but exceptionally legible calendar display, the H. Moser & Cie. perpetual calendar is synonymous with the brand. It’s been offered in a variety of guises to date, but the new Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Purity is arguably the most significant facelift.

The dial is even more minimalist than before – but not quite as bare as the Concept perpetual calendar – while the stark white baton hour markers at each quarter are reminiscent of the Swiss cheese wristwatch Moser unveiled earlier this year. It’s a dark blue with a fumé finish, with the colour darkening towards the edge, an effect Moser uses frequently on its watch dials.

H. Moser Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Purity 2

But more significantly the case has been made larger, now measuring 42mm in diameter, compared to 40.8mm before. It’s in 18k white gold and though bigger than before, the case still retains the signature design flourishes that can only be appreciated in profile: concave flanks on the lugs, a sloping bezel and curved case back.

H. Moser Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Purity 3

The movement inside remains the HMC 700, a hand-wound calibre with a seven-day power reserve. Besides the perpetual calendar that can be conveniently set forwards and backwards at any time, the HMC 700 also features a pallet fork and escape wheel made from hardened 18k gold, as well as an interchangeable escapement that can be swiftly swapped during servicing.

Price and availability

The Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Purity (ref. 1800-0200) is a limited edition of 50 pieces, priced at US$60,000. It’s now available from Moser retailers.


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Introducing the Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT

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The Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT is a straightforward travel watch with no bells and whistles, despite the elaborately mechanical looking aesthetic that’s typical of the brand.

Two time zones are displayed legibly: local time is indicated by the main hands, while an arrow-tipped hand points to home time. And a day and night indicator in the centre of the dial works in conjunction with the home time.

Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT 3

Two pushers in the case are used to set local time, the button at two o’clock advances the local time hour hand by an hour, while that at four o’clock moves it back by the same.

The Big Bang Unico GMT is available in either titanium or carbon fibre reinforced polymer, both being 45mm in diameter, the standard size for the Big Bang.

Hublot Big Bang Unico GMT 2

Inside is the HUB 1251, a variant of the versatile UNICO in-house movement that Hublot uses across its collection, with various complications added, most frequently as a chronograph.

Price and availability 

The Big Bang Unico GMT Titanium (ref. 471.NX.7112.RX) costs €19,600 or US$19,900.

And the Big Bang Unico GMT Carbon (ref. 471.QX.7127.RX) is priced at €22,700 or US$23,100.


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