TAG Heuer Opens Silicon Valley Office in Pursuit of Smartwatch Success

The watchmaker's smartwatch push is now led by an ex-Intel exec from a new Silicon Valley outpost.

After selling all 60,000 TAG Heuer Connected smartwatches it produced this year, TAG Heuer is continuing its push into wearables with a new office in Silicon Valley, reports Bloomberg.

Led by the irrepressible Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer has been the most enthusiastic amongst its Swiss peers in embracing the smartwatch.

Introduced in November last year, the TAG Heuer Connected is a smartwatch running Google’s Android operating system and powered by an Intel chip, allying TAG Heuer with two of technology’s biggest names.

TAG Heuer chief executive Jean-Claude Biver

The watchmaker’s office opened November 1 inside Intel’s campus located in Santa Clara, California. Home to a dozen employees, the office will focus on research and development.

TAG Heuer also hired Tom Foldesi, a former Intel executive involved in the chipmaker’s wearables division, to lead its smartwatch efforts.

Having just announced an 18k red gold smartwatch, TAG Heuer plans to introduce a second generation smartwatch in April 2016, with plans to sell 150,000 of them by year end.

Source: Bloomberg

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