Introducing the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph, Retro Styling with an In-House Movement

A vintage-style diver's chronograph powered by an in-house movement, the new Eterna Super KonTiki will make its official debut at Baselworld 2016. Specs and the price below. 

Inspired by the KonTiki dive watch from the 1970s, the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph is powered by the calibre 3916A, an impressively spec’ed in-house movement. It’s the latest addition to a line of watches named after the Kon-Tiki expedition, a journey across the Pacific Ocean in 1947 on nothing more than a wooden raft named after the Incan sun god.

Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl embarked on the expedition to validate his theory that the ancient peoples of Latin America could have settled in Polynesia. Heyerdahl’s thesis was never conclusively proven, Kon-Tiki did cross the vast Pacific with everyone intact. Though Heyerdahl and his crew had on Eterna watches during the expedition, giving rise to the KonTiki line, the Super KonTiki Chronograph is modelled on a later dive watch. The cushion-shaped case of the Super KonTiki is based on the 1970s KonTiki Super dive watch that is best known for being issued to the naval commandos of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). While the Super KonTiki Chronograph is a modern invention, it does stick closely to the look of the 1970s original.

Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph 2

Fitted with pump-style chronograph pushers, the case is stainless steel and 45 mm in diameter, while the dial is matte black with large triangular hour markers, a signature feature of the original KonTiki. And the highlight is the calibre 3916A movement, an automatic chronograph movement with flyback function as well as a column wheel. It’s one of the versatile 39 family of movements, constructed to be able to add or remove complications.

Eterna calibre 3916A

The Super KonTiki Chronograph is priced at US$4700 on a rubber strap, and US$4900 with a steel mesh bracelet.

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