Introducing The Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph (With Pricing)

To mark 55 years since the first Grand Seiko wristwatch, Seiko has unveiled a limited edition Spring Drive Chronograph with a ceramic bezel, and a specially tuned movement that runs to within 0.5 seconds a day.

Fittingly for an anniversary edition, the Grand Seiko chronograph is the top of the line timepiece in the Grand Seiko line-up, featuring the most complicated Grand Seiko movement developed to date. The Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph  (SBGC013)combines a specially regulated 9R96 movement with a titanium case, deep blue dial, and in a first for a Grand Seiko, a ceramic bezel. A higher accuracy version of the 9R86 movement, the 9R96 movement is making its debut inside the Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph. It’s equipped with specially selected quartz oscillators to give it an accuracy of within 0.5 seconds a day – half that of a standard Spring Drive movement. The rotor of the movement has an 18k yellow gold medallion with the Grand Seiko logo, a feature unique to this edition. 

Though it is largely mechanical, a Spring Drive movement relies on an integrated circuit with a quartz oscillator to regulate the rate of the mechanical fly wheel which functions as the balance. What that means is that a Spring Drive movement in essence is a mechanical movement with an electronic regulator that ensures it keeps time almost like quartz watch. The case has a 43.5mm diameter, made of a titanium alloy proprietary to Seiko. Known as “high intensity” titanium, the metal can be finished like steel, giving the case brushed and polished surfaces almost never found on other titanium watches. Though the case is identical to the regular edition Grand Seiko chronograph, it’s the first ever Grand Seiko to feature a ceramic bezel.

Like several other Grand Seiko limited editions, the 55th Anniversary chronograph has a dark blue dial, with gilded chronograph hands and logos on the dial. And the clasp of the bracelet is inlaid with an 18k gold medallion, just like that found on the rotor. The Grand Seiko 55th Anniversary Spring Drive Chronograph (SBGC013) is limited to 400 pieces, with a retail price of €10,500.

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