Introducing The Omega Dark Side Of The Moon, Now In Four Degrees Of Darkness (With Specs And Pricing)

Omega has added a quartet of new models to the Dark Side Of The Moon line-up, capitalising on the bestselling black ceramic Speedmaster.

Launched two years ago the Dark Side Of The Moon has been a hit, combining the classic look of the Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch with glossy black ceramic. Now in a manner typical of a Swiss watchmaker with a hit on its hands, Omega has introduced four more variations to the line-up at Baselworld 2015, ranging from all all black to a black ceramic and red gold combination.

Like the original Dark Side Of The Moon, all four new watches have the case, bezel, back, dial and buckle in black ceramic. The first new model is the Dark Side Of The Moon Black Black, entirely in black, with black Super-Luminova on the hour markers and hands. This is priced at 10,800 Swiss francs.

Next is the Pitch Black in black ceramic with pale green Super-Luminova on the hands, dial and bezel. Again this is 10,800 Swiss francs.

Also a play on lume colours is the Vintage Black with faux vintage Super-Luminova. Likewise priced at 10,800 Swiss francs.

And the most expensive of the quartet is the Sedna Black. This is accented with Sedna gold (Omega’s proprietary, fade-proof red gold alloy), which is used for the hands, hour markers and bezel rim. This is the priciest at 12,500 Swiss francs.

All four new Dark Side Of The Moon models are equipped with the calibre 9300 movement, Omega’s top of the line chronograph movement that features a Co-Axial escapement, silicon hairspring, column wheel and vertical clutch.

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