Introducing The Zeitwinkel 273° Saphir, Dressed Up With A Sapphire Crystal Dial (With Specs And Price)

Swiss independent watchmaker Zeitwinkel introduces the 273° Saphir, featuring a clear sapphire dial that reveals the mechanics behind the dial.

Zeitwinkel is a little known independent based in Saint-Imier (a town best known for being the home of Longines) that makes clean, practical timepieces that are carefully finished and honestly priced.

Its movements are mostly made in-house, though they were original designed by Laurent Besse, the same constructor who created the MB&F HM4 engine. Despite their quality, Zeitwinkel watches were always plain. The 273° Saphir is fitted with a sapphire dial that shows off a well finished German silver base plate and large date mechanism, giving the watch an aesthetic that lives up to its merits.

The 273° Saphir is a variant of the 273°, the brand’s flagship model which has a big date and power reserve display. All of Zeitwinkel’s watches are named in degrees, a reference to its name, which translates as “time angle” in English. The meaning of the specific numbers, however, remains a secret.

All of Zeitwinkel’s watches, including the 273° Saphir, are powered by the same base calibre. It’s an automatic movement with a three day power reserve and free-sprung balance. All the bridges as well as the main plate are untreated German silver. And the movements are properly finished, making them attractive aesthetically as well as technically.

The movement is visible from the back as well as through the dial, which is offered either in clear sapphire or grey tinted sapphire. Cut, polished, engraved and printed in 20 steps, the dial is Zeitwinkel’s most elaborate yet.

The case is steel and 42.5 mm in diameter and 13.8 mm high. Both rubber and leather straps are available.

The Zeitwinkel 273° Saphir will cost 13,500 Swiss francs, while the 273° with a silver dial is 9990 Swiss francs. More information is available from Zeitwinkel.

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